Stay Involved

“Trust in the Lord and do good” Ps 37:3

You know it’s a bad day when…your twin sister forgets your birthday; your income tax refund check having a bad daybounces; you put both contact lenses in the same eye; you wake up in traction in the hospital and your insurance agent says your accident policy covers falling off the roof, but not hitting the ground.

How do we recover from those times when everything seems to go wrong? How do we cope when things seem to go from bad to worse? The temptation during those times is to focus on ourselves and on the problems that seem to be relentless. But the best thing to do is just the opposite – get involved with other people. 

Comedian George Burns said the key to happiness is helping others: “If you were to go around asking people what would make them happier, you’d get answers like a new car, a bigger house, a raise in pay, winning a lottery, a face lift, more kids, less kids, a new restaurant to go to – probably not one in a hundred would say a chance to help people. And yet that may bring the most happiness of all.”

“I don’t know Dr Jonas Salk, but after what he’s done for us with his polio vaccine, if he isn’t happy, he should have his brilliant head examined. Of course, not all of us can do what he did; he beat me to it. But the point is, it doesn’t have to be anything that extraordinary. It can be working for a worthy cause, performing a needed service, or just doing something that helps another person.” 

What are some ways to help others? A smile or an unexpected courtesy to a stressed coworker. A thank you note or a card to let a distant friend know you are thinking of them. A bouquet of flowers for the secretary for no special reason except to let her know she is appreciated. Be imaginative and creative in your deeds of kindness. On those bad days when nothing seems to go right…you can contribute something “right!” 

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