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“The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing…Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life” Ps 23:1,6

 how do you picture God

How do you picture God? Many people see Him as a stern judge, just waiting to pounce on those who break his law. Others see him as the Supreme Power of the universe, distant and remote, not involved in their lives. Still others have come to enjoy a loving, intimate relationship with their Heavenly Father. 

Danish theologian Soren Kierkegaard provides a wonderful word picture in this prayer:

“Father in Heaven, when the thought of thee wakes in our hearts, let it not awaken like a frightened bird that flies about in dismay, but like a child waking from its sleep with a heavenly smile.”

How we regard God has a direct impact on how we pray, as well as how we treat others. If we see God as a stern judge, we tend to be more judgmental and less forgiving, even to ourselves. Our prayers, if we are brave enough to pray them, tend to be focused on requests for forgiveness and petitions for retribution on our enemies. If we see God as distant and remote, we are likely to dismiss Him from our lives completely, turning to others for love and acceptance. Ultimately, we become frustrated, because no one can give us the unconditional love that God can. 

However, if we believe in God as our loving, generous Heavenly Father, we are much more likely to communicate with Him about everything. We are also more willing to communicate with others and forgive them for their frailties and faults. In the end, every aspect of our lives, including work, is impacted by the nature of our relationship with God. How do you regard Him?

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