Who’s Watching

“Encouraging, comforting and urging you to live lives worthy of God, who calls you into his kingdom and glory” 1 Thes 2:12

Even though we are Christians, we have to live our lives and conduct our business like everyone else, right? After all, we are only human! Wrong! Once we have accepted Jesus into our lives, we have the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to help us be and do more than what is humanly possible. Even nonbelievers know that people who call themselves followers of Christ should operate differently than those who don’t. 

Take for instance, this account of a man naked Roy. He had been a kidnapper and a holdup man for twelve years, but while in prison he heard the Gospel and invited Jesus Christ into his life: “Jesus said to me, ‘I will come and live in you and we will serve this sentence together.’ And we did.”

Several years later he was paroled, and just before he went out he was handed a two page letter written by another prisoner, which said, “You know perfectly well that when I came into the jail I despised preachers, the Bible, and anything that smacked of Christianity. I went to the Bible class and the preaching service because there wasn’t anything else interesting to do. Then they told me you were saved, and I said, ‘There’s another fellow taking the Gospel road to get parole.’ But, Roy, I’ve been watching you for two and a half years. You didn’t know it, but I watched you when you were in the yard exercising, when you were working in the shop, when you played, while we were all together at meals, on the way to our cells, and all over, and now I am a Christian, too, because I watched you. The Savior who saved you has saved me. You never made a slip.”

Roy says, “When I got that letter and read it through, I broke out in a cold sweat. Think of what it would have meant if I had slipped, even once.”

Who might be secretly watching you? A coworker, a child, a boss, or a spouse who needs to know Jesus? You are His representative to that person. 

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