“Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers”  Gal 6:10

Do you miss life changing opportunities because of shortsightedness? Consider this example:

serving othersA fellow approached a cab driver in New York and said, “Take me to London.” The cab driver told him there was no possible way for him to drive across the Atlantic. The customer insisted there was. “You’ll drive me down to the pier, we’ll put the taxi on a freighter to Liverpool, you’ll drive me to London, where I’ll pay you whatever is on the meter.” The driver agreed, and when they arrived in London, the passenger paid the total on the meter, plus a thousand dollar tip. 

The driver roamed around London, not quite knowing what to do. Then an Englishman hailed him and said, “I want you to drive me to New York.” The cab driver couldn’t believe his good luck. How often can you pick up a fare in London who wants to go to New York?

When the passenger began to say, “First, we take a boat…,” the driver cut him off. “That I know. But where to in New York?” The passenger said, “Riverside Drive and 104th Street.” The driver responded, “Sorry, I don’t go to the west side.” 

Jesus was well schooled in the Scriptures, and He often followed the traditions of His heritage. He also had a daily routine of prayer and ministering to the needs of the people. However, He didn’t allow traditions or personal preferences to stand in the way of carrying out God’s will for the day. Look for God given opportunities to serve Him by serving others. Don’t allow your daily routines, personal biases, or shortsightedness to miss what the Lord wants to do in you and through you today. 

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