God Is Good

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matt 6:21

An ancient legend of a swan and a crane tells us about God’s goodness – which may be different from what we believe to be good.

god's goodnessA beautiful swan came to rest by the banks of a pond where a crane was wading, seeking snails. For a few minutes the crane looked at the swan and then asked, “Where do you come from?” The swan replied, “I come from heaven.” So the crane asked, “And where is heaven?” “Heaven!” replied the swan, “Heaven! Have you never heard of heaven?” And the beautiful swan went on to describe the splendor and grandeur of the eternal city. She told the crane about the streets of gold and the gates and walls made of precious stones. She told about the river of life which was as pure as crystal. On the banks of this river stood a tree with leaves for the healing of the nations of the world. In great and eloquent language, the swan described the hosts of angels and saints who lived in the world beyond. 

Somewhat surprisingly the crane did not appear to be the least bit interested in this place the swan described. Eventually he asked the swan, “Are there any snails there?” 

“Snails!” declared the swan, obviously revolted at the thought. “No! Of course there are not!”

“Then you can have your heaven,” said the crane, as it continued it’s search along the slimy, muddy banks of the pond, “What I want is snails!” 

This fable has a profound truth in it. How many of us turn our backs on the good God has for us in order to search for snails? Seek out the good that God has for you today. Ask God to give you the desire for His good, instead of what you consider to be good. Don’t bury your head deep in slime when God wants you to experience the delights and joy of heaven!

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