Prejudice is the product of a lazy mind. It’s contempt, prior to investigation. Your first impression of someone is incomplete, and often inaccurate. Don’t assume your intuition is always right. Don’t make lasting decisions based on limited insights. Your success in life will be adversely affected by prejudice, fear, and any form of discrimination you allow to color your thinking. Jesus never determined a persons worth based on their race, gender, financial status, or appearance. He was comfortable in the presence of fisherman and tax collectors. He was at ease with the rich and the poor. He knew that every person he met had potential and He never looked down on them because of their past.

Born to a mother who conceived Him as a virgin, He knew what it meant to have a questionable background and be subject to the rumor mill. But He rose above it and he broke tradition. The Samaritans were considered such a lower class of people that the Jews wouldn’t talk to them. But Jesus did. In fact, He went out of His way to meet with a five times divorced Samaritan women, discussing the mysteries of worship with her and changing her life. When Peter, who struggled with prejudice, was called to introduce the gospel to the first group of Gentiles, he had to acknowledge, “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism.(Acts 10:34) That day God dealt with some of Peter’s deep seated biases. And He will deal with yours too! If “God so loved the world” but you do not, how can you claim to be “Godly”?

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