Get Up And Go On With Your Life

David committed adultery with another man’s wife, got her pregnant, then arranged to have her husband put to death in an attempt to cover it up. Then he married her and everything would be okay. But the child became critically ill. Desperately wanting to save the babies life, David “David pleaded with God for the child. He fasted and spent the nights lying in sackcloth on the ground. The elders of his household stood beside him to get him up from the ground, but he refused, and he would not eat any food” (2 Sa 12:16-17).

In spite of all his praying, the child died. Why did God let this happen? Was it because the child deserved better parents? Or because the Bible says that to depart and be with the Lord is “far better” (see Php 1:23). We don’t have a clear answer. But this much we know: when you have repented of your sin and experienced God’s forgiveness, you must get up and go on with your life. And that’s what David did. “Then David got up from the ground. After he had washed, put on lotions and changed his clothes, he went into the house of the Lord and worshiped. Then he went to his own house, and at his request they served him food, and he ate” (2 Sa 12:20).

We discover three important things in this story: (1) Until you are ready to make things right with God and those you’ve hurt, you can’t go forward with confidence. (2) Until you process your emotions in a healthy way, whether guilt or grief, you will remain stuck and forfeit the joy of what God has for you next. (3) When you’ve done these two things, get up an go on with your life!

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