How To Handle Bad News (2)

“Hezekiah…spread it before the Lord” (2 Ki 19:14)

don't panicWhen bad news comes don’t allow it to panic you and cause you to act in haste. Stop, think rationally and get the facts before you arrive at a conclusion or make a decision. Prayerfully ask, “Lord, what can I do about this situation?” If you can do it for yourself, God won’t do it for you. The poet said, “His part we cannot do, our part He will not do.” Faced with a well armed, vastly superior force there was nothing Hezekiah could do to save himself. So he went to the house of God and spread out his need before the Lord. That’s always a smart move. When you respond in faith, a crisis becomes an opportunity for God to demonstrate what He can do on your behalf.

The truth is, when you’ve nothing left but God – you’ve got enough! Enough to handle the situation, enough to get through it, and enough to bounce back. Ask yourself, “Is this problem really mine?” Yes, we’re supposed to bear one another’s burdens (see Gal 6:2) But you’re not supposed to let everybody dump their problems on you. Sometimes in our eagerness to rescue others we get in God’s way when He’s dealing with them. And stop listening to round-the-clock news. If you do you’ll begin to “awfulize” and think, “things are bad everywhere, so I guess I can’t expect any better.” What has God said about you, and your situation? God doesn’t respond to your need, He responds to your faith. So get into the scriptures and discover what God has to say, then stand on it.

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