Trust God’s Words, Not Your Feelings

“He… Was Strengthened in his faith” (Ro 4:20)

Have you read the story of Isaac blessing his two sons when he was old, almost blind and nearing death? (see Gen 27) When isaac and JacobJacob, the younger son, wanted his older brother Esau’s part of the family inheritance, which was twice as much, his mother Rebekah helped him steal it. Here’s how she did it. Esau was hairy and Jacob had smooth skin. So Rebekah wrapped Jacob’s arms and neck in goat hair and gave him some of Esau’s clothes to wear. When Jacob went in to his aging father pretending to be Esau, his father asked him to come near so that he could feel him. His father told him that he sounded like Jacob but he felt like Esau, so he decided to trust what he felt over what he heard. As a result, he gave the birthright that was destined for his firstborn, Esau, to his second born son, Jacob. Bottom line: he was deceived by what he felt.

Now we know God was at work in all this. But the point here is, you can’t always trust your feelings because they don’t always line up with God’s word and they can deceive you. You say, “I got my feelings hurt so I haven’t spoke to my family in over a year.” Get over it! Learn to forgive. Refuse to remain offended. Practice love. If you let feeling rule your life they will mess you up. Feelings are like spoiled children: the more you indulge them the more they will control you. You shouldn’t suppress your feelings or deny them, but you must not be led by them.

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