Enjoy The Process

“…do their work quietly and to earn their own living…Do not grow weary of doing good.” 2 Thes 3:12-13

We all would love to love our work! That’s the conclusion of numerous marketplace researchers, who seem universally to working for a livingprescribe: If you don’t like the work you are doing, decide what you like doing and then work at that. For many people, that advice falls under the “easier said than done” category.

How can we add pleasure to a job that may have become boring, frustrating, or discouraging? Begin by reflecting on those for whom you are working. First and foremost, you are working for the Lord. Secondly, for yourself – for maintenance of body and possessions, as well as self esteem. Thirdly, you are working for other people – your family members, but also those who benefit from your charitable contributions. Lastly, you are working for a company or cause – which in “real people” terms comes down to those with whom you work on a daily basis. 

With People as your mindset, try engaging in these pleasure boosters related to your job:

1. Make a small monthly contribution to a charity that serves people whom you encounter regularly – perhaps the homeless you see on your way to work. 

2. Give at least ten genuine compliments a day to those with whom you work. Voice appreciation for their appearance, work, and kindness. 

3. Keep a photograph of your loved ones with you and spend a few moments each day looking at it. Say a little prayer for them. 

4. Set your own personal goals about productivity, quality, and efficiency. Then reward yourself in a small way on each day you surpass your goals. Also, document your improvement – your record may lead to a new and better position.

These simple reminders about why you work and who benefits from your work, can help put more meaning into your job. And with more meaning comes a sense of personal satisfaction, which is nearly always translated into enjoyment. 

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