Sowing Peace

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” Matt 5:9

The entire European continent felt the blows of hatred delivered by the evil tyrant Adolph Hitler. Millions of people died as a result of his platform of hate; millions more were scarred for life. 

Heinz was an eleven year old Jewish boy who lived with his family in the Bavarian village of Furth during the 1930’s. When Hitler’s band of thugs came tearing through the village, Heinz’s father lost his job as a school teacher, recreational activities were forbidden, and Furth’s streets became battlegrounds. Neighborhoods were terrorized by the Hitler youth looking to make trouble. The young Heinz always kept alert to stay clear of them. When he saw them coming, he sought cover to get out of their way. 

One day, Heinz couldn’t avoid a face to face encounter with a Hitler bully. A brutal beating seemed inevitable, but Heinz walked away from the fray without a scratch. This time he used his persuasive abilities and language skills to convince his enemy that a fight was not necessary. This would not be the last time this young Jewish boy would use his peacemaking skill in Hitler occupied Europe. Eventually Heinz and his family escaped to safety in America, where Heinz would make his mark. He became known as a mediator and peacemaker among world leaders and nations. The young boy who grew up as Heinz anglicized his name when he came to America. We know him as Henry Kissinger. 

Today, put your talents to use as a peacemaker to work together with those of different opinions. When you sow seeds of peace you are doing God’s work on earth and you will reap a harvest of goodness.  

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