Fussing Away Time

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34

There was a dear old lady from the country who was going on a railway journey for the first time. She was to travel aboutenjoy the ride fifty miles through an interesting and beautiful region and had looked forward to this trip with great pleasure. However, once she boarded the train it took her so long to get her baskets and parcels right , her seat comfortably arranged, the shades and shutters right, the anxious questions about all the things she had left behind answered, that she was just settling down to enjoy the trip when they called out the name of her station! 

“Oh my,” she said, “If I had only known that we would be there so soon, I wouldn’t have wasted my time in fussing. I hardly saw the scenery!” 

Continuing to “fuss” with things left behind yesterday and things yet to do tomorrow robs us of the joy God brings to us today. If you’ve said, “I’m too busy to…” several times today, it might be time to renew your priorities. 

Too Busy

Too busy to read the Bible
Too bust to wait and pray!
Too busy to speak out kindly
to someone by the way!
Too busy to care and struggle,
to think of the life to come!
Too busy building mansions,
to plan for the Heavenly home.
Too busy to help a brother
who faces the winter blast!
Too busy to share his burden
When self in the balance is cast.
Too busy for all that is holy
on earth beneath the sky
Too busy to serve the Master
But not too busy to die.

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