Use That Powerful Engine

“It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure.” Ps 18:32

What a pleasure it is to drive a car with a powerful engine on a level highway. Picture a sunny day when there’s no traffic carefree lifeand you’re not in a hurry to get anywhere. You sing along with your favorite music and enjoy driving solely for driving’s sake. We are more likely to find ourselves in a much less powerful vehicle, however, climbing a series of steep hills…in the rain…with lots of traffic behind us and in front of us…and late for an appointment. But is it possible to ride the rougher road and have the same peace and tranquility inside as when we drive the level highway? The Bible says it is. 

The difference is simply the powerful engine, which makes the hills seem less steep and rush hour less tedious. It’s a lot easier to keep moving steadily through traffic when you have a continuous hum from the motor, instead of lurching, dying, starting…lurching, dying, starting…in your own strength. God is our powerful engine. He makes the difficult highway become manageable. 

Perhaps your day started out smoothly, but by now you’ve left the easy stretch of road and come to the rolling hills. Now more than ever is the time to remind yourself that your Father in heaven loves you and wants to help you. With God’s strength, you can stay alert and focused, maintaining an even pace and an even temperament regardless of the challenge. He will help you work through any problems that arise without compromising your integrity. He may even show you some short cuts – and the gas mileage is great! All you have to do is ask God to strengthen you and get back on the road. Before you know it, you will be on the mountain top with a clear view. 

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