Another Point Of View

“So we say with confidence, the Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?” Heb 13:6

On July 15, 1986, Roger Clemens, the sizzling right-hander for the Boston Red Sox, started his first all-star game. In the second inning he came to bat, something he hadn’t done in years because of the American League’s designated hitter rule. He took a few uncertain practice swings andboldness then looked out at his forbidding opponent, Dwight Gooden, who had won the Cy Young award the previous year. Gooden wound up and threw a white hot fastball that flew right by Clemens. With an embarrassed smile on his face, Clemens stepped out of the box and asked catcher Gary Carter, “Is that what my pitches look like?” “You bet it is!” replied Carter. Although Clemens quickly struck out, he went on to pitch three perfect innings and was named the game’s most valuable player. With a fresh reminder of how overpowering a good fastball is, he later said from that day on he pitched with far greater boldness. 

Occasionally we forget the power we have at our disposal when it comes to speaking the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Maybe we need to step to the other side of the plate for a moment to be reminded. The Holy Spirit within us always provides a powerful witness. We can “pitch” the Gospel with the confidence and authority that God has given us. But too many times, we weakly toss out a word here and there about Jesus, hoping not to make too great a stir. After all, we don’t want to be too pushy, politically incorrect, or called a fanatic! We step up to the plate of opportunity without real conviction. Is it any wonder we seem to have no impact? 

If you have an opportunity today, tell someone about how Jesus has changed your life with the conviction and power that comes from your heart. This is the power of the Holy Spirit within you. Then have peace in knowing you have done your part, and the rest is up to Him!

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