Day By Day

“Give us this day our daily bread” Matt 6:11

A mother once stopped by her recently married daughter’s home unexpectedly and was promptly greeted with a flood of tears. Alarmed, the mother asked, “What happened, dear?” Her daughter replied, “It’s not what happened, but what keeps happening!” Even more concerned, the mother asked, “What is it that keeps happening?” The daughter replied, “Every day there are dishes to be washed. Every day there are meals to be prepared and a lunch to be packed. Every day there is laundry to be done and beds to be made and the house to be cleaned.” “And,” the mother asked, still unsure as to the nature of the problem. “Don’t you see?” the daughter said through her tears. “Life is just so daily.” 

On those days when the “daily-ness” of life seems to have you bogged down in boredom or drudgery, remind yourself the Lord said He would provide for the needs of His people on a daily basis. Manna was gathered in the wilderness every morning. Jesus taught His disciples to pray for their daily bread. God wants to provide what we need, not only physically and materially, but emotionally and spiritually, one day at a time. 

Trust the Lord to give to you:

  • the material goods, money, food and supplies you need daily.
  • the ideas and creative energy you need for today’s work.
  • the stamina, health and strength you need today to fulfill your many roles and responsibilities
  • the spiritual nourishment and fortitude to face and conquer the temptations and trials of today.

The Lord is with you all day, every day, day by day!

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