Staying Charged Up

“Let the people renew their strength” Isa. 41:1

The age we live in has been described as the age of the to-do list that can’t be done. Facing overwhelming demands, it’s hard to give ourselves permission to rest or take a break. But the rewards – renewed perspective, clearer insight, physical energy, spiritual preparedness – are well worth it.¬†

Before automatic headlight controls were installed in automobiles, it was easy to park a car and leave the headlights on. renew energyPerhaps we were in a hurry or it was light enough outside that we forgot we had turned the lights on. If we were gone for very long we returned to find the car battery dead. To get the car running again, the battery had to be recharged. Just like a car battery, our own supply of energy is not infinite. We must replenish it frequently with sleep, rest, food, and relaxation. Our busy nonstop days can be draining. Operating at top speed, we utilize all available emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual resources. Before we know it, our energy is consumed.¬†Unless we pay careful attention, we will drain our “battery” to the point of feeling “dead on our feet.” Being fatigued can cause our perception to be distorted and our responses to others to be negative. Furthermore, if we fail to do something about it, over time it can result in physical or emotional illness.

Charles Spurgeon, a well know 19th century preacher said, “Without constant restoration we are not ready for perpetual assaults. If we allow the good in out lives to get weak – or our “light” to grow dim – the evil will surely gather strength and struggle desperately for the mastery over us.” You are wise to take a short break now and then during the day – and to turn off the lights when you go to bed at night! Living this way will help you to maintain your energy supply and enable you to be more productive and content.

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