The Empty Tomb

“Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly” John 7:24

Philip was born a mongoloid. He was a happy child, but as he grew older he became increasingly aware that he was different from the other children. He went to Sunday school with boys and girls his own age. The class had wonderful experiences together – learning, laughing, playing. But Philip remained an outsider. 

As an Easter lesson, the Sunday school teacher gave each student a large egg shaped plastic container. Each child was to explore the church grounds and find something that symbolized new life to them, put it in their “egg,” and bring it back to share with the class. The children had a grand time running about the church yard collecting symbols. Then they gathered back in the classroom, put their eggs on the table, and watched with great anticipation as the teacher opened each egg. In one egg, there was a flower, in another a butterfly. The students responded with great glee and enthusiasm as the empty tombteacher revealed the contents of each egg…a branch, a leaf, a flower bud.

When the teacher opened the next egg, there was nothing in it. As could be expected, the eight year olds responded, “That’s not fair – that’s stupid! Somebody didn’t do it right.” 

Philip went up to the teacher, tugged on her sleeve, and said, “It’s mine. That egg is mine.” The children laughed and said, “You never do anything right, Philip. There’s nothing there. Philip replied, “I did so do it. I did do it. It’s empty – the tomb is empty!”

The classroom fell silent. From that day on things were different. Philip became a full fledged part of the class. The children took him into their friendship. Philip had been freed from the tomb of his being different and given a new life among his peers. 

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