“When my spirit grows faint within me, it is you who watch over my way.” Psalm 142:3

One very dark night a man drove along a deserted road on his way to a place he had visited only once before. As he drove, he suddenly became uneasy, thinking he might have missed a turn two or three miles back. He drove on mile after mile. Several times he slowed down, overcome by indecision. Should he turn around and drive back to that intersection, now ten miles behind him? If he was wrong, turning back would cost him an additional twenty or thirty minutes, and he was barely on schedule as it was. 

Slower and slower he went. The tension built in his body as his hands gripped the steering wheel and a knot of stress between his shoulders began to throb. He began to think, “Even if it’s a mistake, I have to go signpostback to reassure myself.” Just as he was about to turn around, his headlights reflected off a white marker in the distance. He increased his speed and soon saw the familiar shield that marks U.S. highways. The number 82 was clearly visible, and that was the road he needed to take. He continued on his way with confidence. 

Sometimes in the dark nights of our travel through life, we feel we’ve missed a turn or read a sign incorrectly. Knowing our indecision, God often gives us reassuring signs to help us reestablish our heading and our confidence. If you find yourself confused and directionless today, God has placed bright signposts in your path – the cross and empty tomb of Jesus Christ. In them you can see the greatest markers of His love, and you can continue on the path He sets before you with full confidence. 

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