The Invitation

“In order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes” 2 Cor 2:11

Let’s imagine we receive a package from Fed Ex. When we open it, we see an elegant parchment envelope, with our name meticulously written across it. We open it and the invitation says: “You are cordially invited to a life filled with worry, misery, and confusion.” 

How many of us would accept such a ludicrous invitation? Don’t we spend our lives trying to avoid such pain and distractions? Yet many of us choose to accept the invitation. We don’t consciously make that choice, but we occasionally surrender to Satan’s invitation. His attacks are never ending— if the devil is nothing else, he is persistent! The enemy bombards our minds with every weapon at his disposal every day of our lives.

We are at war! A war that rages and never stops. We can put on the complete armor of God, stop the evil one’s advances, and stand on the Word of God, but we will never put a complete end to the war. As long as we are breathing, our minds remain Satan’s battlefield.

deceptionMany of our issues are rooted in our thoughts that produce our problems. This is how Satan triumphs—he offers wrong thinking to all of us. This isn’t a new tactic devised for our generation;  his deceptive ways began in the Garden of Eden. That was the first attack, and unfortunately his first victory. What we have a tendency to forget about temptation is that it comes to us disguised as something it’s not. Suppose Satan had said to Eve, “Eat of the fruit. You’ll bring pride, anger, jealousy, misery, poverty, and injustice into the world.” He told her what would appeal to her. He wasn’t tempting Eve to do something wrong—or at least that’s not the way he phrased it.  What she heard sounded good.

That’s always the appeal of sin. The temptation is not to do evil or to cause harm or bring injustice. The attraction is that we will gain something. Eve lost the first battle for the mind, and we have continued to fight for it since that time. But because we have the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we can win—and we can keep on winning.

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