All Of Me

“And may your hearts be fully committed to the Lord our God” 1 Kings 8:61

A pastor tells about the time his young son burst into his office after the morning session at the church preschool.

“Here, Dad, this is for you,” the boy said as he thrust a sheet of photographs into his hand. It was the typical pane of a dozen identical student photos – enough for every relative in the family.

“These are great, son,” his dad responded, reaching for the scissors so he could snip one off to keep.

“No, Dad,” his son stopped him. “Don’t cut them. I want you to have all of me.”

How like our heavenly father, thought the pastor as he slipped the sheet of photos under the glass that covered his desk. How he must long for us to run into his presence and declare, “I want you to have all of me!” Not offering Him ten percent, or one day a week, or some of our abilities. But because we love Him so much, throwing ourselves into His arms just as a little child does. 

Hymn writer Frances Ridley Havergal penned these words:

Take my love, my Lord,
I pour at Thy feet its treasure store;
take my self, and I will ever be,
only, all for thee.

Today we might not express it so formally, but that’s the kind of outpouring of love that brings joy to our heavenly Father’s heart. The psalmist wrote, “I will praise you, O Lord, with all of my heart…I seek you with all my heart.” (Ps 9:1 and 119:10) Let your commitment to the Lord be the spontaneous expression of your heart, holding nothing back. 

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