I Took A Road Trip With My Dad

In the spring of 1972, I was 11 years old. It was the week before spring break and my Dad was preparing for a business trip down the coast of Florida, which meant he would be gone most of the week I was out of school. This unscheduled trip was going to put a damper on the week we had planned. Until my mother asked the question, “What if you went on the trip with him?”

enjoy the journeyThe idea was a bit unusual, since we never did that sort of thing, but the more I thought about it the more excited I got. That Monday, we loaded up the car and set off on our journey. We drove for several days, stopping in little beach towns along the way. To explain it to someone else, you might think it was pretty boring, but that’s not how I remembered it.

I remember being given the title of “The Navigator.” I was in charge of the over-sized road atlas. I also remember talking with my Dad as we drove, often about nothing in particular, and he just listened. Then he talked and I listened. Then sometimes we just sat in each other’s presence as we drove, not saying anything. We laughed at some of the sights, we ate things that wouldn’t have met with Mom’s approval, and made up road rules along the way. ┬áThe best part is that we made memories together. Where we went didn’t really matter. It was all about hanging with my Dad on the journey, wherever it took us.

Maybe you are struggling in your job and you have begged God to change your circumstances. Perhaps your marriage is hanging on by a thread. Or maybe you are sick and are facing a difficult diagnosis, your parents are aging, your kids are wayward – and you just want answers. You beg God but the answer always seems to be “just wait.” Or maybe you feel like you don’t hear anything at all.

What if this road trip of life is just about being with Him? What if it is just about sitting next to Him wherever He takes you, and just enjoying His company. What if it is not about getting answers? What if you never “get to” where you think you should be? and what if all of that is okay, as long as you love just being with Him and following Him wherever He takes you?

What if no matter what happens you are able to enjoy His presence as long as the trip lasts? Then when the trip is over, you can spend eternity with Him. And when you meet up with old friends in Heaven and they ask you about your crazy life on earth, you simply sum it up by saying, “I took a road trip with my Dad, and it was a blast!”

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